Happy Cat Sanctuary Society of Alberta

What is Happy Cat Sanctuary? They are a rescue and sanctuary for abandoned, stray and feral cats. Located in Strathmore, Alberta, they were founded by 2 women that had a huge concern for the welfare of the roaming cats in Strathmore and its surrounding areas. They can have 60-100 cats in their care at any given time. These can include: pregnant cats, kittens, geriatric cats, feral cats, and adult cats. You name it, they have had or do have them currently in their care.

There main goal is to rescue and rehabilitate as many cats as they can. From there they move them into foster homes and prepare them for adoption. They provide year round shelter and food in safe locations for many cats. But, they don’t stop there.  They also reunite lost cats with their owners as well as run a successful TNR (Trap, Neuter and return) program in their community for the feral cats.

Happy Cat Sanctuary is one of the smaller rescues here in Alberta bur they have a big heart. They are 100% volunteer run and have created some wonderful relationships with local Veterinarians.  These Veterinarians have made many things possible for this amazing rescue. Their volunteers are trained to bottle raise neonatal kittens, provide intensive medical treatments, behavioral training and post-surgical care. The have a small network of foster homes, several dedicated volunteers and 2 private facilities that they are able to utilize as catteries.  There are some sanctuary cats that may never be adoptable due to medical or behavioral conditions. They require a special home and special people to take care of these needs. The 2 ladies that run Happy Cat are just these people. They are very special people with 2 great big hearts and a lot of love to give their cats.

What do these ladies have to say about the work they do – “It can be very difficult at times seeing the condition many of the cats are in when they arrive.  We love what we do and are incredibly proud to be able to see them grow to be strong and healthy.  Seeing them be adopted into homes makes all the work and long days worth it.”

The rescue cats that are available for adoption can be seen on their website ( as well as on display at the Petsmart in Calgary along Sunridge Way NE. They also have a cat up for adoption at Pet-Valu in Strathmore. Should you see a cat on the website that you would like to visit but they are not at one of the pet stores or if you wish to volunteer, please contact Happy Cat Sanctuary through email at

Thank you Happy Cat Sanctuary for doing what you do! It is women like you that make this world a better place!

~Having the cats professionally photographed was such a great experience. Lisa loves cats and was able to capture something special from each and every one of them. We hope that by highlighting these beautiful portraits of some of our rescues, you can see in them what we do every day and maybe it will help find some forever homes in the process~ Happy Cat Sanctuary