A Sense of Hope



Meet Noelle! Noelle is an ARF rescue. At only 7 weeks old, Noelle was seen being tossed from a fast moving vehicle on a highway in Northern Alberta. A kind truck driver saw the incident and stopped to help. She found Noelle in the ditch with severe injuries and knew that she needed immediate veterinary attention. She brought her to a small remote veterinary clinic where they noted that she was suffering from a broken tail, badly broken leg, broken pelvis, and significant head trauma. She was not able to urinate or defecate on her own and her mobility was very limited. Due to the severity of her injuries, Noelle needed specialized care and ARF was contacted. Since she needed immediate help and was over 8 hours away, Noelle caught a flight on a small plane to Calgary.

An appointment for Noelle was booked for the following day. The damage was worse than originally thought. Her leg was completely broken above the ankle resulting in a significant overlap of the bone. It already started to heal and Noelle was not very stable, her leg was then placed in a splint. Her tail was broken in numerous locations, including at the base. X-rays showed that she also suffered spinal damage and that her right hip was smashed in. Because of this, it did not look as though she would be able to pass waste as the cavity was too small. She also had road rash covering her head and was bleeding from her ears and nose. The prognosis was not positive.

 Even with the extensive injuries, Noelle was playing with the hospital staff and looking to everyone for cuddles. It was decided that despite the poor prognosis, they needed to try everything that they could. There was a big learning curve for everyone. They had to make sure that Noelle had the proper care, correct medication and as many trips to the vet as needed. It was touch and go for nearly a month, but she was always positive, playful and full of happy purrs.

After 8 weeks, she no longer needed a splint. They were still worried that she would need to have her leg amputated but, to everyone’s surprise, she started to walk very well on it. Within a few weeks, she was running, jumping, climbing - everything a normal kitten would do. Her wounds healed and her tail was amputated at the base. Her broken pelvis widened and she is now able to urinate and pass stool.

Noelle just celebrated her first birthday and is doing wonderfully. She is not completely continent, so she does wear some super cute Fancy Pants 4 Pets diapers, but she has made an amazing recovery and we are all amazed by her spirit and love for life. With her special needs and on-going medical care, Noelle is a permanent ARF foster cat and is adored by her foster family. Though her injuries were the result of one heartless act, countless people came together through donations and time volunteered. Amazing people rallied around this special little girl. There is still a lot of love and compassion in the world and without it Noelle wouldn't be with us today. Noelle is a special little girl that brings a sense of hope and confirmation of anything being possible.

Without ARF there would be so many animals just like Noelle that would not get the treatment that they needed. Please support ARF and help them accomplish what so many people think is not possible. Thank you ARF for everything you do! You make this world a better place.