Canine Accreditation

2018 is a year for personal goals. I have been busy with some projects and rebranding to Savvy Cat Photography so it slipped through the cracks to announce my Canine Accreditation through PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). It is quite a milestone to reach as it has been in the making for quite some time.  I would get sidetracked or too scared to submit my work thinking I was not good enough.

What I have learned along the way of this journey is I am definitely good enough and then some. What is the definition of good enough? That depends on so many variables. It was my own mind that was halting any growth with my photography. I have been able to break through the self doubt and take more chances than I have in a long time. Was it because of my accreditation? Absolutely not, but it did contribute to it.  

What's next for me? I am going to go for my Feline accreditation next. I have some images that I think would work perfectly and others that I am planning. Would you like to help with those? Send me a message. I also have some other projects that will be announced in the next coming months. Stay Tuned! 

Here are the images that helped get my accreditation: